Flinchbaugh "German" Bible
Published in Philadelphia 1829 - 1832
Kimber & Sharpless
In the German Language,  11 3/4 x 9 1/2 x 3 inches thick!  It weighs  6 1/2 pounds!
The Family Register starts with Jacob Flinchbaugh born 1793 - died 1875 and ends with his second wife
Barbara Shenberger Flinchbaugh
Dying in the year 1884
Jacob Flinchbaugh's  son - Adam Diehl Flinchbaugh wrote in the Bible Register 
Barbara Flinchbaugh 1884 his (stepmother) - Had passed away  
Adam Diehl Flinchbaugh died in the year 1902 - he signed this Bible in the Back simply as,  Adam -1875
The Year his Father Died!  I carefully compared his signature many times for this conclusion

This was a Bible that Jacob Flinchbaugh's Family owned since the 1830's
It is in the Inventory at Jacob's death as a Dutch Bible!
He and most of his family are buried at the Lebanon Lutheran Church - Felton Pa - Flinchbaugh Plot

** The Bible Register does not say Adam's Stepmother - I am only saying this to note
she was not his natural mother.

This Bible belonged to Jacob Franklin Flinchbaugh it was in his House
His Great Grandfather was Melchior Flinspach!
I purchased this Bible from a Family in Stewardstown Pa in 2008 - a family treasure
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